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What’s on my birthday wish list …

It’s August, which means it’s my birthday month!! ( on the 18th in case your all wondering) so I have decided to share a wish list with you all ( let’s hope some family members will have a nosey to get the hint).

Instead of choosing things that I could only wish for like a puppy, house and endless amounts of money I am going to choose things that are a little bit more real/ affordable. I am going to include fashion, beauty and maybe something a little random. Let’s get started!!

Jewellery, first of all I have managed to find a duplicate of the horn necklace from Missoma, you might have already spied it in a few snaps on my instagram but guess what … it turns my neck green. So I have decided I want the real thing! Entering the gorgeous Lucy Williams large horn necklace coming in at £139.00

Fashion, I have been on the search for a nice oversized but not to big blazer and I think I may of found the one! It’s from asos, a Clean tailored check blazer in check. I think it will be a great staple for coming into autumn ( yes I am already thinking about autumn fashion because it’s my fav season ) the blazer is priced at £55.00 … not breaking that bank.

Make up, my favourite!! This is hard for me because there are so many new products that come out, one I have been meaning try is the Iconic London illuminated in colour original. It looks devine and I am all about the glow! It’s £29.99

Skincare, This week I was lucky enough to have a facial by the lovely Estée Lauder in House of Fraser, the Stress Reflief Eye Maskwas amazing! Any puffiness disappeared and fine lines were diminished! I need these eye masks in my life NOW for a pack of 10 it comes to £29

Random, I need this Book ‘ Get Your Sh*t Together ‘ by Sarah Knight. I mean it says it in the title! I have heard great reviews and I think everyone could do with reading this book by the sounds of things! A bargain at £9.50

So there we have it, my wants/ needs in my birthday month! I may get forwarding this blog post on so my dreams can come true!
They are all bound to get the hint!

Until the next post,

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