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Pucker Up … It’s Lip Treatment Review Time! 

If you have been following my blog posts you will know, 2 weeks ago I got lip fillers. When I was at the clinic, my consultant Alex gave me Zo Medical LipRebuild treatment. She told me to use it morning and night as it is a great product to keep your lips hydrated which helps with the healing and prolongs the results. So tried and tested and the verdict is… (drum roll please) I LOVE IT!

“What is it?” I hear you ask… It’s a lip balm essentially, thick in consistency, you massage it on your lips morning and night. They feel instantly moisturised, you can see dead skin cells come away and your lips begin to tingle, plump and the overall shape improves.

How’s does it work? It is packed with amazing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and pre-collagen which helps restore hydration and improve volume. Vitamins A and E, help defend exposed lips from further damage and palmitic acid which helps build up the skins barrier function. 

Zo Medical have seen celebs like Kendal Jenner using the LipRebuild Treatment to plump up her lips (so if your scared of needles this gives you an effective alternative!

All in all its a fab product and it has definitely earned a place on my bed side table! 

I purchased it from Alex at AM aesthetics, it costs £35 and is worth every penny!

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Until the next post,

L.C x 

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