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Pretty In Pink

Everyday lippys, we all have one at the bottom of our bags or our ‘go too’ colour. There are so many shades of each colour on offer so I thought I would do a blog on pastel pinks and the different tones we have on offer in different price ranges and brands… 

Starting from my lowest priced lipstick let’s get started… 

This is a Bourjois lipstick in colour 40 from the Rouge Edition. It is a cool tone pink which is so easy to wear on a daily basis, great if you have sworthy skin or wear tan as it brightens up any goldon tones on the skin. The formula isn’t drying and lasts well and it’s an amazing price at £3.99!! I have a range of colours of these lippys! 

Then we have Soap and Glory’s lipstick in colour blush pink. This has more of a lillac/ pink, giving it a bit more of an icey finish, great for someone with dark dark hair as it compliments the depth. The formula has a lot of staying power, however if you have dryer lips I wouldn’t reccomend it as it catches to those areas. It’s got a fab price tag at £9. 

Mac, who doesn’t own one! The colour is called ‘faux’, it’s one of my favourites and so easy to wear every day for more of a nude tone. Mac lipsticks last but don’t feel drying on your lips! They are £16.50 each at a middle range price I think they are an amazing product! Also some people are still unaware of Macs empty policy, if you have 6 empty Mac products you can bring them into store and get a lippy FOR FREE! They recycle the packaging, so not only have you bagged a lippy your also helping the world be a better place!! ( I use this as an excuse to buy more) 

Next up is my go too, it’s a Clinique chubby stick in the colour chunky cherry, a brighter pink with a sheen/ glossy finish. These balms are amazing! They have a hint of colour and are so moisturising on your lips! So they are the best of both worlds, ( they also have intense versions if you prefer something a bit bolder) they have a fab range of colours, they are priced at £17.50 

Then we have the mother of all lipsticks, Tom Ford, this is colour Indian rose, the formula is devine! So creamy, soft and easy to apply! This colour has more of a peachy tone so brilliant for anyone who has paler skin as it adds more warmth! Everything about this product gets a thumbs up, the packaging is perfection as is the product. It is £40 but great for a treat or even a gift! 

I hope you love my top 5 soft pinks as I do! Let me know if you have any reccomendations or try any of these products out. Until the next post… 


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