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My Top 5 Tips for Photo Editing 

Photos, we all love them and we all have a device that can take them so I am going to tell you all how I make the most out of pictures.

First of all I’m not a filter girl, I see them on some Instagram accounts and they look amazing and make a grid really stand out with continuity but with others they distort the picture and make it go a little fuzzy. 
When I first started on Instagram I didn’t have a clue, looking back at my first photos I didn’t look into a photo and how it looked quality wise or if it was at an angle. Now I find myself getting more familiar with what I like and what I don’t like. In 6 months time this post may be completely irrelevant and I have moved onto a different style/ app / camera. 

Any instagram photos I have taken have only been with my iPhone 6 nothing fancy, however I am lusting after an olympus pen … some day!!! 

1. The first thing I do when going to take a photo is check the light, if it’s a yellow tone the photo won’t be taken, simple as. Daylight is best or else I sometimes get my ring light out if I’m doing a flat lay or the like. 

Example of a flat lay using my ring light

2. Next tip is to put your phone onto square setting. The reason for this is, if I took a photo of a killer outfit in the normal photo setting it means I would have to either cut out those expensive shoes in the picture or else have a white boarder around the shot which doesn’t go with your grid! Putting the square setting on saves the day!!

3. I have recently downloaded the app Facetune. Now this is a little controversial, but I have just started to edit my make up pictures, the main thing I found was when I took my photos they were blurred and not as defined as they were in real life… this app makes it look like real life. Black liner goes from a charcoal grey to an intense noir. The white back round goes from beige to clean and crisp. It doesn’t affect the work I have done it just brings the photo to life.

As you can see the make up it intense with colour, you can see the hair of my brow, Facetune does all of this instead of letting the light blur it all out.

4. Facetune also has an amazing setting called patch! If there is something in your background you don’t want to be there you can simply patch it in. The example below shows me posing in the Game of Thrones thriving location ‘The Dark Hedges’ now this is quite the tourist spot, so to get a photo without a tourist bus or a crowd of people behind you is a tricky task so using the feature patch I was easily able to edited them out. No need for photoshop when you’ve got Facetune! 

Yes! These 2 photos are the exact same!! Except the people in the background have been patched out, contrast and brightness are wonderful things!!

5. Now when it comes to the edit (remember no filters) my brightness goes up to like 75% majority of the time, contrast goes up slightly for sharpness and I like to take the warmth away a little to get rid of any yellowness from the photo. Obviously it all depends on the lighting of each photo but this is what I like to play about with.

Natural light will always be my favourite! It does majority of the work for you! True colours are brought out on the camera and sunglasses help to cover the squinty eyes!

These are my top things I do to get that perfect instagrammable photo… well until I get my hands on that Olympus pen, apparently it does it all for you at the press of a button. 

Until the next post, 


  1. June 6, 2017 / 4:21 pm

    I’ve been using Facetune for about 5 years and it’s one of my favorite apps! I use it mainly for the patch tool you mentioned and the whitening tool.
    Another app I love is UNUM, it’s free and you can see how will look your grid before you upload the photo, and it’s useful if you have a – kind of – theme like me. 🙂
    Instagram was way “easier” years ago when we didn’t even know what a freaking theme was x

    Caterina |

  2. January 27, 2018 / 11:22 am

    Thanks a lot for sharing such a super class tips.I am really impressed by your tips. I personally love taking photos and posting them online. With VSCO, you get just that. This photo editing app was perfect for touching up my photos. This was able to take basic photos and make them look almost professional.

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