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My Phi Brow Experience

Brows, brows, brows… Where do I begin? They have gone through all the trends, having the thinest one haired arches resembling the Mcdonalds sign, to having trend setters like Cara Delivine who brought back the bushy brow, which then turned into having the Scouse brow ‘caterpillars’ they are all pretty different looks! But what happened to a good old natural brow? They are timeless… Yes, it might still mean you have to fill in a gap or two & make them look that little bit fuller without them needing their own postcode, but that is a task in itself, getting those thin hair strokes with an eyebrow pencil you haven’t sharpened in 3 weeks… next thing you know your back to catapillar status! ABORT! Well ladies (and maybe the odd gent ) I have your solution… Phi Brows!


I’m sure you have all heard of microblading, if not its a form of tattooing brow hairs on the area to make them appear naturally fuller. Microblading has come a long way in the last few years and thats when I discovered Phi Brows! It is a brand that developed their own ink and technique to give you a natural brow colour without those grey/blue tones and with the finest hair strokes… all I needed was a local technician to solve all my brow anxieties… I then came across Jane & organised my brow consultation & patch test.  First and foremost, she is possibly the nicest lady I have ever met who has a wealth of knowledge in all things brows. As soon as we starting talking about what I wanted I knew we were on the same wave length and she was the brow artist for me BINGO! Jane showed me some of her previous work and I was blown away at the quality of her microblading! Next thing I knew my patch test was done (micro scrape behind each ear with the product on top. Couldn’t feel a thing! ) and I was booked in the following week for my big treatment!

The lovely Jane prepping the brow area before my treatment.

*1 Week Later* The big day was here for my brow transformation! Now a bit of background on my natural brows, Im a natural ginger meaning my natural brow hairs look non existent! They are bleach blonde and I have to get them tinted every 3 weeks ( I will still have to keep this up after the treatment… bye bye blondes hello brunette ) my hair is rather course which is normal for a red head as they have a deeper root to the hair follicle but I have gaps ( had ) between the arch and tail end of my brows and I had to fill in EVERY DAY and were the bain of my life…well not any more!

Back to treatment day and creating my sexy new brows!  We got the paper work out of the way making sure I didn’t have any allergies etc ( the boring part..  but essential of course)  We then discussed what I wanted for my shape, colour ( I went for the colour brown 2) and over all look! Jane then measured out my brows making sure everything was even, centred and that I was happy with the outline she had created via her Phi Brow phone app ( technology these days really does blow me away!) Next thing I know we are all systems go!

I had been told anesthetic was an option for the first pass (the first of the micro cuts) but it could affect the treatment as Jane wouldn’t be able to feel the blade as well when the area is numb. So I decided to be a big brave girl and go for the first pass without any local anaesthetic and it was grand, a little uncomfortable with a dragging feeling but it lasted for around 10mins per brow. Then I was allowed “the good stuff” the numbing ointment which I can assure you works a treat, at this stage I didn’t feel a thing and Jane went over the same hair strokes twice to ensure the ink was well embedded in my skin. Finishing the process off with a warm mask the big reveal was about to happen… My new brows were intact and I couldn’t be happier!

There were a few things I had be warned about the healing process and there are a few stages I needed to expect, first of all they are 40% darker when first done as the ink needs to settle into the skin and this can take a couple of weeks. I would also have to expect the hair strokes 15% thicker than what they will be when settled. I might see a little fading also, however thats all grand because in 6 weeks time I am off back to see Jane for a top up consultation. Where we look at my brows after the settling period to make sure we are happy with the result and tops ups can be made if needed.

The final product 😍

Aftercare I have been anal with! I washed them twice after my treatment and applied my  aftercare balm to the area keeping it hydrated to avoid any flaking from the healing process. The first night I slept with foils over my brows so that no dust or debris could get in contact with them. For the next week I have to avoid water on the area and keep them hydrated with my balm provided in my aftercare pack.  I can’t tell you how thrilled I am with my new effortless brows… that extra 10 mins in bed will be much appreciated! Jane has kindly gifted me this treatment in return for me sharing my experience with you lovely lot. On top of that she has also given me an AMAZING discount for you all!!

Delighted with my new brow game

You are able to get Phi Brows with Jane with a generous £60 off! Bringing the price from £295 to £235! All you have to do is quote “Life.of.leigh_Phi Brows” when booking to receive the discount and make sure you have made your booking by the end of February 2019. I will be continuing the rest of my eyebrow journey on my Instagram stories so make sure to follow along to see my healing process and 6 week check up! I also want to let you know that Jane has kindly gifted me this treatment in return of a review.

My before and after photos… what a transformation!

I will leave you links here to Janes Instagram account and also her email address for any enquiries for all your brow needs!


And heres to having the most fabulous brows about!!

Leigh xxx



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