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My gym story 

Hey all, so this blog is a little different than my usual beauty stuff, today I am going to talk about my journey in getting fit and healthy ( well fitter and healthier, I wouldn’t say I am completely there, in fact far from it.) My first point is, in no way am I an instructor or personal trainer, I am solely basing this on my experience.

When I was in high school, getting me to do a lap of the hockey pitch was an effort, in no way was cardio my thing, in fact I doubt it ever will be. When I was in my teens I was tiny, then going onto the pill I started to form my curves and I honestly didn’t mind that. I had never dieted, in fact the opposite, I could eat what ever I wanted!

Left photo taken on the 23/5/15 photo on the right was taken on the 24/2/17 ( excuse the mess in the backround, it’s safe to say I never thought that photo would see the light of day)

Three years ago I went on my travels to Australia, I was 21 at the time and didn’t have a care in the world. For the year I lived on pizza, pasta and beer so of course that was going to take an effect ( and boy did it ) I was nannying at the time when I realised I was coming home in a matter of weeks to try and fit into a bridesmaids dress for my sisters wedding. The thought of it made me anxious so what did I do, turn to the sweetie cupboard!!
At this stage I felt disgusting, I fitted into 1 pair of my jeans and I then had to order size 14 jeans and they were a squeeze, for any of my friends and family reading will know that is not like me!! I had it in my head determined to feel better as I knew I was in a vicious circle.

When I got home, late April 2015, my sisters wedding had been and gone ( I probably lost an inch at that stage) but then I decided it was time to get PROFESSIONAL HELP! I called my local gym and asked to meet up with a personal trainer, that’s when I met Chris. Now walking into the gym that day was a huge step for me, it was a pretty manly gym so I was completely out of my comfort zone!! Chris asked what I wanted out of it and I told him my goal ( my other sister was getting married in July) and I wanted to feel GOOD!! We had 10 weeks for the task!

Those chins, that stomach! In the left photo I have never felt so low, between the way I looked and the type of food I was putting into my body it really isn’t a surprise!

The best thing about it was my mind was in charge, I was determined! When I looked in the mirror I didn’t recognise myself, so I wanted me back! I knuckled down and met with Chris 3 times a week, it was so hard, not only physically but mentally! The workouts were tough, when it came to burpes I remember feeling every roll of fat move, I felt like everyone was looking at me. Chris reassured me saying no one gives a sh*t what I was doing and thinking back now he was so right!

I kept an eye on my diet, drinking plenty of water and taking on board any tips Chris gave me. Allowing yourself treats but in moderation, instead of a packet of cookies, it was 1 with my cup of tea! ( this was no doubt the hardest part of the whole process and still is because I LOVE FOOD).

‘Back fat’ was a horrible feeling, I was so self conscious of seeing it in my tops! This photo really is night and day!

My 9 weeks were up and I was so pleased with the results! I felt like myself at the wedding but I still knew there was room for improvement, back to the gym! I am still at this stage now, I am always seeing room for improvement in my body.
I have been going to the gym for just under 2 years and I now feel confident to go in and do workouts by myself ( I actually think it’s a great place to destress) 2 years ago this would never of happened!

When I first started I was 11 1/2 stone and now I am 9 1/4. I noticed it dropping in inches rather than scales, so nowadays I rarely weigh myself, instead I go on how my clothes fit. In total when I was last measured late last year I had lost 34″.

I don’t think I will ever be that girl with a 6 pack but I am ok with that, as long as I am comfortable in my skin and don’t go back to the days of ‘the Sydney stone’. Nor will I ever deprive myself, like I said before I love food so I will still have my pizzas and cookies but all in moderation. I know now I will never be one of these girls who can eat what they want ( boy do I hate them).

In conclusion, don’t be scared of the gym, everyone has to start somewhere and other gym members respect that. Drink your water and do it for yourself.
In following I might add a few more posts about this subject, how I am maintaining a balanced life, what sort of exercises I do in the gym and maybe the odd recipe thrown in there.

Until the next post

Chris Murphy – personal trainer


  1. March 6, 2017 / 10:54 am

    It was a lovely post.. Sharing personal issues and how you decided to overcome them with great results is a difficult thing to do on social media.. Good Luck❤️

    • March 6, 2017 / 10:58 am

      Awww that’s a lovely comment! Thankyou so much, it means a lot xx

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