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My Brush Game! 

Brushes are my tools, just like a carpenter needs a screw driver, an I.T consultant needs a computer and a hair dresser needs their scissors. So choosing the right ones and looking after them correctly is key! 

I have tried and tested a good few brands, spending a fortune on brushes and then finding out the hairs fall out or splay is nothing but pure disappointment, so I’m going to share with you my favourite brands and tell you what I use them for. Let’s get started. 


Real techniques buffing brush from the core collection. (a set of 4 brushes for an amazing price of £20.99) 

I love the real techniques brushes, I use the buffing brush in circular motions working the foundation into the skin to make it look as natural as possible this one does the trick and at a reasonable price. I have had it around 3 years and I am yet to see a hair stray! 

Concealer brush

An eBay special buffing brush 5 piece set for £2.95 (yes that’s right £2.95!)

These brushes are amazing! I love buffing with circular motions for my concealer, again it works the product into the skin leaving zero lines and the most natural finish. They can also be used for any other cream products like contour, cream blushers or lid primers! They wash well and let’s face it for that price what does it matter! LOVE

Powder brush

Zoeva 106/powder £13 or you can get it in the Zoeva brush sets.

This brush is sooo soft, luxurious and definitely worth the money. It’s vegan friendly that gives a flawless finish and evenly distributes your powder. Any Zoeva brushes I have tried I have loved so you will see this brand a lot in this post. 

Blusher brush

Primark £2.

Primark P.S range has plenty to offer. With the rose gold packaging I was drawn in. I have been using this brush for 4 months and I am now the proud owner of 3. Brilliant value for money, soft and works well. Thumbs up from me! 

Contour brush

 Make up Revolution f105 £3.49

It’s synthetic hair and super soft so you can create a natural or intense contour. It’s shaped angle shapes into your cheek bones making life easier. An amazing price for a fab brush. 


Make up Revolution f103 £3.49

This is actually for foundation but I love a stippling brush for highlighter. It picks up a small amount of product so you can build it up lightly and to the perfect amount for your make up look. 

Brow brush

Zoeva 322/Brow Line £7.99

It’s a short angled brush making application easy and persise. It’s suitable for cream or powder products. Vegan friendly and I can’t see me ever using anything different for brows! AMAZING! 

Eyeshadow blending brush

Zoeva 227/Luxe soft definer £9.99

It’s a soft fluffy brush great for blending out eye shadow to give you a seamless finish. I have 8 of these, I would be lost without them. It is created by goat hair and shaped into a flat oval brush helping it fit into the crease of your eye.

Flat eyeshadow brush

Zoeva 234/luxe smokey shader £9

This is brilliant for packing on eyeshadow before blending out, especially if it’s a glitter and your wanting a stronger pigment. Again made from goat hair, the way the brush has been shaped it gives you precision for your application.

Pencil Brush

Zoeva 230/luxe pencil £9

A brush I would be lost without, it’s great for softening edges, working on the top and bottom lash line this is an essential for the make up bag. It might not look like much but it’s pretty amazing!! 

Angled brush

Zoeva 317/wing liner £9

This is a does what it says on the tin brush, wings out that gel liner pretty much for you. The angle and fine brush makes life so much easier when it comes to liner. It stays in shape and I would be lost without it. *A MUST HAVE!*

Lip pencil

Zoeva £9 

I actually got my brush along with others on a make up course I did in the make up dept. For day to day on myself I rarely use a lip brush and use the bullet of my lippy so I really don’t think it is an essential. Although when it comes to my clients it’s a must have, to be precise and get the lip line as sharp as possible.

So that’s my brush game!  I will follow this post up with a blog on how I take care of my trade tools as this step is vital for hygiene and longevity.  

All of these reviews are from my own professional opinion and there are no sponsored products within this post.

As always, if you have any queries please leave a comment below!

LC x 

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  1. Kerry
    September 27, 2016 / 10:57 am

    Love the high st finds!! #loveabarg xx

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