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Morphe eyeshadow pallet review…

Around a month ago I decided to invest in a morphe pallet. I had heard of these for ages but it wasn’t until I saw a fellow make up artist use one that I could get to the nitty gritty and see if it was worth the hype. 

Off I went onto to see which one I was going to purchase. I decided to go for the 35k koffee pallet, as it has a selection of warm and cool tones and I do love my natural colours. Not only is it appealing to the eye it’s also pretty good for the purse strings. For the full pallet it is £19.50, that is an amazing 56p per shadow. So into the kart, payment through and it’s on it’s way.

Three days later the package arrives ( I get so excited when i see the delivery man.. sad I know ) of course I drop anything I’m at to Tear the parcel open and test this bad boy out! At first I notice the packaging is great, a box with bubble wrap. And the pallet itself is slim and comes with a protective film over the shadows. Of course I dive straight in!! 

There are 14 shimmers and the rest matte. They are soft and velvety with great pigment. The one thing I would say is there is a bit of fall down ( when the eyeshadow falls on your cheekbone and could potentially ruin your make up/ life) so I would defiantly reccomend doing your eyeshadow look before your foundation etc. Other than that they are easy to apply and blend like a dream! 

These pallets aren’t just for make up artists they can be used by make up lovers of course! You may wonder why on earth would I need 35 colours but trying something new every other week wouldn’t be a bad thing, we all know how easy it is to get stuck in a rut with our make up! Have a look at all of Morphes different pallets and see what colours catch your eye! 

A look created from the morphe pallet, a soft smokey eye with liner! My favorite 😍

I hope this blog was helpful and let me know what you think or if your thinking of purchasing one of Morphes iconic eyeshadow pallets. Until the next post. 


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