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LIBWAT: Life Is Better With A Tan

Tan …. if you don’t need it, I strongly dislike you! It’s something I NEED! Tan makes me feel better, it can complete an outfit and gives you that healthy glow! The NHS should really consider giving it out on prescription!

Being a beauty therapist I have worked with quiet a few different brands, so I have a good idea what I like and what I don’t. First things first the guide colour, I personally like to see what I’m putting on instead of it developing to find out you have missed a patch. Secondly it needs to last, I like to get a good 5 days out of my tan, possibly topping it up with a gradual tan to give it a little more life by day 5. Thirdly it has to wear off well with out looking like I have leprosy. There is nothing worse than patchiness or dry areas being darker. With all of these necessities I have managed to find my saving grace. I welcome you to HeShi.

Heshi is a local brand in Northern Ireland which makes it even better. I don’t only use this tan on myself, I also do spray tanning and I use HeShi spray tan solution which is amazing!!

I received the Express Liquid Tan, Body Sculpting Gradual Tan ( a new product for me) and a tanning mitt.

My pearly whites before Heshi Express Liquid Tan

After… What a transformation!!!

The Express Liquid Tan is an amazing product mainly because you can see where it’s going when applying. For a day to day wear I normally apply one coat using my mitt. If I am heading out for a night on the tiles I tend to apply 2 coats just for a little more depth. You can even apply it on your face with out it congesting the skin. It’s 100% natural and paraben free. It retails at £21 for 150ml.

Body Sculpting Gradual Tan is a new product for me and I have been really impressed. I have used this when my tan is starting to fade around day 4/6. I apply it on with a mitt all over, not only does it bring my tan back to life it also helps reduce cellulite and breaks down fat with it’s amazing technology. After application my skin feels firmer and softer,( what’s not to love!) yet it is still 100% natural. AMAZING!! I think it’s going to be a great product for my holiday. It retails at £18.50 for 150ml

I have been using HeShi for years, I dip and dab into cheaper tans from now and then but I always go back to HeShi and I know that I pay for the quality.
Here Is their website for any more info.

I hope you all enjoyed this review,
Until the next post,

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