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I’ve Got a Secret…

I’ve promised to be honest and true to myself on this blog, so I’m going to let you all into a little secret of mine. Some of you may have wondered if I had accentuated my lips through make up or a cosmetic procedure in the past. The truth is I have had lip fillers!!

It’s a controversial topic, but I’m going to tell you why I wanted to get them done and share it with the world. Everyone has their body hang-ups and mine just happens to be my lips! My natural lip, as you’ll see in the photo below is pretty non existant, especially my top lip!  With fillers I’ll have a lot more space for my lippys, because let’s face it, it is part of my job. Now for the reason I’m talking about it, I have seen many clients who have had bad experiences or their procedure hasn’t turned out the way they had hoped. So that’s why I wanted to share with you my positive experience and how a trustworthy professional works.

This time last year I got them filled for the first time and I loved how Alex at AM Aesthetics had achieved a natural look, which was exactly what I wanted as I didn’t want to go for the ‘trout pout’.  Alex is a true professional and really listens to what you want but also offers her professional opinion on what will suit you best.  Since then I have found the effect has worn off over the last 12 months so I’m craving them back… Top up time!

Last year I researched about the treatment itself and local therapists. There are a lot of questions when it comes to ‘putting a foreign substance into your body’ but the main formation of the product is hyaluronic acid and in fact our body naturally produces this substance, so although we are using a ‘foreign substance’ our body still knows how to react with it. The more research I did the more I trusted it. Then I came across Alex, I actually found her through Facebook, we messaged back and fourth, she told me her history that she had been doing these treatments for years and actually trains other professionals.  Before I knew it I was booked in for a free consultation. At the consultation we chatted about what I wanted to achieve, ‘a natural look’, ‘nothing too obvious’, and ‘a bit plumper’, she looked at my lips and said she wanted to even out a crooked side of my bottom lip and told me that she didn’t want me to go for any more than half a vial. I trusted her and went with her professional opinion. The date was set!!!

Two weeks later and it felt like Christmas Day, I was so excited. I went into Alex’s clinic in Dundonald, we confirmed everything I wanted and next thing the numbing cream was on,(boy, does that stuff work!) it had to be left for 10 -15 minutes to kick in. I had a look over the paper work and aftercare and signed the form. My lips were feeling huge at this point due to the sensation from the cream.  I lay back on the bed and Alex got to work, she told me to take deep breaths before the needle inserted into my lip, it felt like a scratch and I could feel the pockets of my lip filling with the filler. Between each insertion she had me smile and relax to make sure everything was even and my bottom lip correction was perfected. Five minutes later it was all done, I sat up in the bed checked everything over again, looked in the mirror and was ecstatic with the results, my little body hang up had been fixed!

Now for the aftercare, she warned me there could be bruising but she wouldn’t be concerned with it, I had to go home, put ice on my lips to help with any swelling. It would take a few days for the hyaluronic acid to soften so my lips would feel firmer than usual. For aftercare I was using 8 hour cream from Elizabeth Arden. My lips were dehydrated and started to flake but I just kept applying. Around 3 days later they felt great, comfortable and back to their hydrated selves.

When it came to rebooking my for my top-up I didn’t have to hesitate, I picked up the phone and booked back in with Alex. We did the same again, discussing what I wanted (which was the exact same as my first experience) we went through the procedure and I am in love with the results. I have now purchased a rebuild serum for my aftercare, it’s meant to be great for circulation around the lip area and for the people who aren’t great with needles it’s meant to naturally plump them up. I’ll let you know how I get on with it in a few weeks time.

All in all I have had a wonderful experience  and I hope if any of you who are going through with any cosmetic procedure you do your research and get the best practitioner you can, because they give the best results. So there you go, the secret is out!  Until the next post.


Below is a link to AM aesthetics Facebook page for any enquirers .


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