Winter Warmers

Halloween means one thing… let’s get CREATIVE! 

Every make up artist loves when October is here because it’s the season we can get creative and get the glitters and face paints out! Don’t get me wrong, we love doing our pretty make ups but Halloween is when we can all go a bit mad and keep adding! 

So in this post I’m going to show you make up I have done from last year and a few ideas I have been working on for this years antics!! So time to get the visuals going to help with some creative inspiration. 

Halloween make ups from 2015.. plenty of blood and gore! 

a burn victim, using 3rd degree, inks , blood and a red contact

eye fold, using 3rd degree, inks and blood. easy and effective!

chelsea smile! using 3rd degree, inks and blood! love these gory ones!!


Now for 2016’s play time… not just as much gore!! 

skelton teeth using face paints, eyeshadows and lipstick

rawrrr!! using gold glitters, gel liner and eye shadows

what every girl wants to be .. a mermaid! used bright eye shadows, fish net tights and lots of glitter!! love this one!!

These are a few of my favorite Halloween creations! Let me know what you think and if you want to book me for your Halloween event just contact me through Facebook


Until the next post 


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