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Hair Care Product Review 

Two weeks ago the lovely people at S&S Hair Care were kind enough to send me a sample of their product. This past fortnight I have been trying and testing their Moroccan Aragon oil serum. 

At the start I had reservations as this is my first ever product I have been sent and I was worried it was going to be rubbish and the last thing I want to do is lie to you! But I gave it a go I can honestly say I love it and noticed a difference in the condition of my hair straight away!! 

I have used oils in my hair in the past as I get dry, frizzy hair. Some left a residue in my hair leaving it feeling tacky and greasy and others I barley noticed a difference. So I was delighted to not only receive one but the fact it worked means it was an even better result! 

So I hear you asking why is it so good?  First of all the product is in a gorgeous glass bottle, the packaging is pretty fancy..I do tend to shop with my eyes first! It is great if you have dry hair as it instantly hydrates leaving your hair silky (in a non greasy way) it has a citrus scent and it restores your hairs health! 

This is my hair after its been blow dried roughly and then straightened. Normally i would have frizzy ends and a bit of frizz at the roots but here it is silky smooth and healthy looking! LOVE!

I use it as advised on the bottle; two pumps of the serum, work it through my hair (not going too close to the roots) and then I blow dry my hair as normal (not very well) and straighten, it feels glossy, smooth and looks healthy! 

It retails on the S&S Hair Care website for £14.99 and I would definitely purchase it again!! A big thankyou to the guys at S&S Hair Care for sending it to me! A new product I have fallen in love with and will continue to reccommend!

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