Winter Warmers

Fake Tan for £6… have I got your attention? 

Tried and tested!! Cocoa Brown Tan is my new must have! It has sooooo many pros! 

  • It’s not going to break the bank at £6 a bottle
  • Its local!! Developed by a lady called Marrissa in the south of Ireland. 
  • It only takes 1 hour to develop -no need for stained bed sheets! #winning
  • The smell isn’t as bad as others… but what tan smells fantastic? 
  • It wears off well… not patchy!

I actually saw the product in primark in June and heard good reports so thought I would give it a go. When I have tried cheap tans before they normally go a shade of green on my pale skin. I also don’t want to be tangoed, I’m pale and a red head so the more natural the better! 

When it comes to application, I just use my tanning mitt, give the can a good shake and then apply in circular motions to buff into the skin, because it’s a moose form it just glides onto the skin. It has to be worked in quickly because it dries quickly (I think it’s a good thing, it means you won’t feel sticky) I leave it on anywhere between an hour to three depending what I’m up too (or what’s on the tv) after an hour it doesn’t keep developing so you can do as you please. 

Shower, just rinsing off any of the guide colour and your left with a lovely natural glow! I always moisturise after showering, it keeps the tan hydrated and healthy on your skin! 

This perfect for a last minute night out or quick tan fix, it usually lasts me 2-3 days so is perfect for the weekend. I do prefer a spray tan for a special occasion or weekend away as i find it lasts longer on my skin without touch ups but I won’t be looking past this little beauty over the party season!

Left leg is pale and pastey! Right leg after 1 hour of Coco Brown, warm and golden 😍

I honestly don’t think I have any bad points when it comes to this product! You can buy it in the likes of primark, tesco and superdrug! Let me know how you get on ladies. Until the next post. 


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