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Brush Cleanse

A lot of people I have spoken to totally underestimated the importance of cleaning your make up brushes and are disgusted at the amount of dirt clogged up in those bristles! 

Cleaning your tools of trade is one of the most important steps! Here are 3 reasons why: 

1. You will achieve a much more flawless finish with clean make up brushes.

2. Hygiene! Not only for make up artists because they use them on different clients but for the hygiene of your personal brushes, so germs are at bay.

3. To remove colour pigment residue. 

I have two different methods of cleaning my brushes.  Inbetween clients I use isapropate alcohol (I.P.A) it’s a really strong alcohol you can order from your chemist or I get mine from Amazon (I have an online shopping addiction) it’s around £7 for ltr. I transfer it into a spray bottle, spritz my brushes and wipe them on some kitchen roll. It’s quick, easy and does a pretty amazing job!! 

Then each night after all my make up applications I give my brushes a pamper and shampoo them (this makes me feel better by ‘pampering them’ as it is a tedious job when you have to do it at an average of 5 nights a week) I use the Barbara Hofmann soap (£10 online or make up pro store- lasts AGES)  It comes in a tin and is a soap form. I dampen my brush over the basin, swish the brush in the shampoo, work it into the brush with my hand at then rinse. 

When leaving my brushes to dry i always leave them to dry horizontal.  If you leave them standing up right the water can seep down the brush and weaken the glue and then bristles can come loose. 

I usually leave them on a towel on the window sill and they are dry by the next morning ready to rock and roll. 

I’ve been using these methods for around a year! Love it, but if you have any suggestion that you use please let me know 😊 

I hope you found this useful, until the next post, 


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  1. November 30, 2016 / 11:22 pm

    Thinking about all the bacteria on them sort of freaks me out! I always wash mine every couple weeks. Thanks for sharing this!

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