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Brow impressions 

Today eyebrows are fashion! Everyone has a gap to fill, a tail to lengthen or a brow to thicken, so I am going to give you a step to step guide on how I achieve my full brow ( mainly for a night time look) so why don’t you take a pluck at it. 

Before and After!!!

Each make up artist has a different technique so none of them are wrong but I am going to show you my technique for my brows! My natural brows are bleach blonde, like non existent so I have to get them tinted every 3 weeks or so and I also get them waxed into shape, so on a day-to-day basis i normally just put a little bit of gel in them to show off the hair in the brow itself. On an evening out it’s a completely different story! 

So here we go, a day to night brow! First of all I use four tools! One is very important… a brush ( or spolly what ever you want to call it) I use a brush for my eyebrows every day without fail! Just brushing them through changes everything!! 

Next is an angled brush, the one in the pic is from sephora but there are tonnes of different brands that do them. 

Now the best thing since sliced bread…. Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow ( my colour is soft brown) this stuff is the bomb!! It’s a wax texture, easy to move and brush through the brow and then it sets and doesn’t budge! The product is really soft so it glides on where applied and you are able to do soft hair like strokes with it! AMAZING! 

Girls this is only £15 you can get it on websites like, it is honestly an investment and lasts for AGES!

Then this is the gel I am using at the moment, maybaline brow drama, it defines the hairs of the brows making the brow look like it has texture instead of just a block of colour. 

This is only £3.99! Total bargain, and you can get it in most pharmacies.

So my brows themselves have gaps in the and chunks missing, so my aim is always to fill those in without it looking obvious that its product! 

Once brushing the brow through the next step is to take the dip brow and create a line from the start of the brow to the end. We also want to define the arch so making a nice curve and emphasising it ( don’t worry if you make mistakes because we can tidy it up at the end) then back to the brush and brush the product right through the brow. ( this will soften the line) we are going to do the same on the top of the brow emphasising the top of the arch and joining the tail of the brow together. ( you should be left with a stencil like brow … fill in the gaps… and don’t forget to brush) 

Now for the middle section, we want to make hair like strokes to fill in gaps and pigment with brushing in between. ( remember to stop, take a step back and look in the mirror… it’s very easy to get carried away)

Now for the front of the brow ( near the nose) a lot of people say your brow has to come parallel with your nose but I honestly think make up these days has to many rules! This may of been the case in the 80s but now a days this is acceptable and in some cases fashionable, go with your natural hair growth! The hair at the front of the brow is a lot finer than the arch to the tail, so a lot lighter brush movements with hair strokes going parallel from the face and using that brush plenty to blend blend blend. 

When your happy with the outcome, I use my gel to coat the hairs to stay in place and giving it that texture and then I go in with a detailed brush and some concealer to tidy everything up. Voliaaaaa!!!! 

When it comes to these techniques it really is about practice so don’t be to hard on yourself and have fun with it, after all that’s what make up is all about! 

I hope you found this post helpful and any questions just let me know. Until the next time. 

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