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Our Trip to Barcelona

I decided to go to Barcelona because it was a city I heard amazing things about! I flew directly from Dublin to Barcelona then made my way into the city ( no need for a taxi that will cost €40 the big blue bus outside the airport is only €6 each )

From the city centre I walked to the hotel ( first mistake of the holiday… check out how far your hotel is from the city centre ) I stayed at Hotel SB Glow which was around a 45 minute walk from the main hub of the city! Which is fine but not when your having to do it 4 times a day. First impressions the hotel was really modern, the room was exactly what was needed and had a roof top pool, sauna and steam room! The only negative was the staff, they weren’t overly helpful, I was reminiscing over the time i spent in hostels when I went interrailed a couple of years ago and how friendly staff were and they told you plenty about the city and what was close by and unfortunately this hotel just didn’t have that ( or maybe that’s just a hostel thing.)

I planned the days around sight seeing and food and I’ll not lie it was mainly food! Before traveling I did research on places to eat ( mainly instagramable places ) and then researched the sights! I’ll leave a list below of places we loved for food!


On our first night we had the most amazing pizza and pasta from Reina Margherita , it wasn’t the prettiest of places but the food was divine and it was set right by the marina.

For breakfast/Brunch we had so much selection!

Flax & Kale is an amazing healthy restaurant serving all kinds of avacdo, shakes and vegan dishes! It was delicious!

Brunch at Flax & Kale

Brunch & Cake has the most unusual menu but tastes amazing! I went for the banana pancakes which came out green and then had a Chicken sandwich which had a syringe of avacado ( strange but so good!)

Chōk the prettiest donut shop you will ever see! Not only that they tasted better than they looked!

Dinner Time

Milk– This restaurant had the loveliest staff and atmosphere! I went for a baked Camembert to start finishing off with the most delicious gourmet burgers ( the cocktails were nice too 🍹😉)

Then decided to try something a little more Spanish in the end and went to Restaurant Rossini for some paella. It was amazing and one of our favourite meals from the trip!

The sights

I walked to most places so saw a lot on the way, cobbled streets you wouldn’t see in a taxi or a little cafe tucked away, I’m just extremely happy I brought trainers with me ( I totted up our steps and we did a massive 43 miles through out the holiday… so then celebrated with more food! )

I visited the amazing cathedral in the gothic quarter which is lovely to walk around the little streets and find boutiques and cafes.

I walked down one of the main High Streets, where Casa Mila and Casa Batlló. These are famous for the Gaudi architecture. I was tempted to go in and have a nosey but when we realised it was €30 so I quickly refrained from the idea!

On the Sunday, decided to do the big walk to Sagrada Familia which is an amazing church designed by Gaudi, it’s so unusual and you could spend hours looking at it to see different features! It almost looked like something from a Disney movie!

From there then hiked ( yes it was practically a mountain ) to Park Guell which over looked the whole of Barcelona! It was so pretty! I paid in to the see some more of Gaudis architecture style ( €17 for 2 ) it had beautiful mosaic walls in all different shapes and sizes.

Between, eating, relaxing and sight seeing I thoroughly enjoyed Barcelona! There was plenty to do and see to keep me entertained!

Any other questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll leave as many links possible in the text if you want to check out some of the places we loved!


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