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Hi all! I hope you’re all surviving January! The weather has changed, the purse strings are tight and we are all trying to stick to those resolutions we made a few weeks ago (hard isn’t it!) In this post I want to share with you one of my favourite affordable skin brands! 

I’ve found my skin has been so dry and sensitive since coming home from Spain due to the change of climate. The skin around my eyes had been really red and if I applied any product to the area it stung like mad…so I decided to go back to basics…THE BODY SHOP. 

I have always used The Body Shop products but mainly their body washes and lotions, I’d never tried their skin care. I have always gone for premium brands for my face so I thought I would take a step back and give it a whirl and I have been pleasantly surprised. 

The Body Shop is famously a cruelty free brand and it uses traced sources for their products. I had done a bit of research online to see what range would be best for me and I wanted to go to the store to test the VITAMIN E range and the Aloe Vera products. I just have the sensitivity around my eyes so I opted for the vitamin E range to help get rid of the tightness in my skin and bring back the glow! I was planning on just going for a serum and eye cream but they had the 3 for 2 offer so I took the moisturiser as well. 

First impressions…it’s soooo cheap compared to my premium products, I got all 3 products for the same price of just 1 in any of the normal brands I use. I have been using it now for around 3 weeks and I am so impressed! The sensitivity comes and goes and redness does still appear around my eye area but nowhere near as bad as it was, nor does it sting when applying the products…AMAZING!

£14 for 30mls

I apply the Vitamin E serum after cleansing and toning my skin. I use one pump and apply it all over my face, it doesn’t leave any residue and my skin soaks it right up leaving my skin feeling comfortable and hydrated. It’s packed with vitamin E (duhh) and wheatgerm which gives your skin plenty of moisture to last all day! 

£13 for 15mls

My Vitamin E Eye Cream is very light. I use a pea size amount, divide it between my 2 ring fingers and tap it on my orbital bone (around the eye socket ) the heat around the eye attracts the remaining cream towards the eye. Remember to be delicate when it comes the the eye area, it is one of the thinnest layers of skin on your body and that’s why it gives off the first signs of ageing so treat it with care! It contains plumping hypotonic acid and wheatgerm oil, helping to smooth out fine lines and reduce any darkness. 

£14 for 50ml

Last but not least is the Vitamin E Moisture Cream. It is super light weight which I love! It helps lock in moisture and repair the skins barrier (which will be helping with my stingy skin) it doesn’t have any spf so can be used Day and night but just make sure you have your sun factor on in other products (foundations or bases) this is one of The Body Shops best sellers and now I know why! 

All in all I am so delighted with The Body Shops skin care range, I have seen improvement in my sensitivity and radiance so it’s a huge thumbs up from me. 
Let me know if you have tried and tested any of their products as I would love to hear and get a few other recommendations from this amazing brand. 
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L.C x


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