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20 Facts About Me.

Yesterday I was given the challenge by two other bloggers to write 20 facts you guys may not know about me! (Is it really bad I found this quiet hard)

Anyway let’s get started and I’ll tag my pass ons through Instagram. first name is actually Sarah but I get called by my middle name Leigh

2. I’m 24 years of age

3. I am fully trained beauty therapist

4. I spent a year of my life in Australia

5. I have worked on tv productions doing make up for the likes of Game of Thrones and The Fall.

6. I live in county Down Northern Ireland

7. I’m a natural red head with millions of freckles

8. I love to travel! Last year I went interailing for 3 weeks around Europe.

9. I talk to my sisters everyday without fail!

10. My sisters have made my the auntie to 2 gorgeous boys!

11. Family and friends are everything to me!

12. I have a shopping addiction to clothes and make up … I never think I have enough!

13. I am a self employed make up artist.

14. When I was growing up I was a member of a sailing club and sailed most weekends.

15. I did ballet up until grade 6

16. I love dogs!! I know the three breeds I want; Dalmatian, sausage dog and a King Charles. ( just need my own house to keep them in.)

17. I can fall asleep just about anywhere!!

18. I named my cat freckles after my freckles.

19. My guilty pleasure is trash tv!

20. I started blogging as a New Years resolution in January 2017.
Hope you enjoyed this post for something a little different.

Until the next post,


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